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Writing Family Stories

I spent four years pulling together my family story. I was lucky to have multiple sources: a short biography of my great-grandfather written by Momma’s cousin; an equally short auto-biography of my beloved Grandpa Yardley that he pecked out on his old Smith-Corona; a biography of Momma, often in her own words, written by my nephew’s wife. And I had years of spotty journal entries from me.

I grew up knowing very little about my father who died in a car accident before I turned three. Momma never met any of his family. Just before I turned sixty, I found my half-sister which led to finding the entire St. Louis Family three years later. For my father and his notorious brother, I had years of newspaper articles for source information.

Who will tell your stories? Who knows better than you your Dad’s quirks, your Mom’s smile, or your crazy Aunt and cranky Uncle? It is easiest to start with a small story; a beginning, a middle and an end. No one knows your story better than you. Let’s begin together to save those stories.