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Keep It Simple

I recommend making a simple start. Aim to write two or three pages about one specific subject.

Get a spiral notebook or two. Begin writing by writing. Jot down your responses to the following.

  • Is there an object that reminds you of your life or your loved one?

    • Example: My Momma and my grandma both made bread in old-style aluminum wash pans. They made the sponge and kneaded the bread in them. I keep the pans, both well dented from years of use, on the counter in my laundry room.

  • Is there an activity that reminds you of your life or loved one?

    • Sledding, roller-skating, drinking Dr. Pepper, watching TV—whatever this is for you.

  • Try a quick word association—what one word reminds you of each of the following?

    • Mom

    • Dad

    • Grandpa

    • Grandma

    • Aunt

    • Uncle

    • Sister

    • Brother

    • Cousin

    • Best friend

    • Me in elementary school

    • Me in junior high

    • Me in high school