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» Here's my Aerogren System using an Exhuber AirBeam which has taken an active 7yr old for a continuous 3hrs straight without even a drink. I'll post some notes about my system and the setup later in the week. This was a case of execution, not planning - it was a test. There are many factors that could/would have been improved on - planning and execution is all - but we are talking a 2 year old who doesn't get bored - and I have got quite a bit done. If you want to watch my 1 year old and 2yr old for a total of about an hour watching a film in the background - just let me know. It's all been a bit of a struggle - both in terms of getting the right size containers, and delivering water. The 1 year old's favourite thing is the pulsator which sounds like a volcano, and is great fun to watch - and is not so loud. The 2 yr old is very small and likes to climb on things. My 16yo daughter on the other hand likes to help but I have my reservations. The system was only really needed for a year as my air system is not in use at the moment. But with a child, it lasts as long as she does. It's quite a long way to carry her around, and a bit of a pain in the ass - but she likes it. The clothes dryer that comes with it (not shown in the video) is a little finicky so I keep a lot of extra laundry in the bath with the pulsator. I have not yet set a time limit. We are all just enjoying it. But so far so good. This little system lasts longer than I expected. Here's my Aerogren System



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